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Vinyl Material

March 4, 2010

Vinyl material can be found just about everywhere, and used for different applications. It can be rigid or flexible, weather or heat resistant, impact resistant, thick or thin, and is available in a wide variety of colors to choose from. PVC and vinyl and interchangeable, it’s a fabric with a shiny plastic coating with either a polyester or spandex at the other side. Patent vinyl does not have the stretchable quality as compared to the stretchable type pvc, 2-way stretch vinyl and 4-way stretch vinyl, which are commonly used in clothes and costumes.

PVC vinyl fabric for futuristic or modern upholstery.

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Thicker patent vinyl material on the other hand is best to use on corsets and outdoor furniture like stools, sofas, benches, padded headboards and vehicle seat covers (cars, boats, and motorcycles) because it is glossier on one side compared to the other and it is much thicker and compact compared to stretch PVC making it the perfect choice for furniture use.

Due to its versatility, manufacturers customized the use of this fabric from designer outfits to elegant interiors, using different versions of this chemically processed plastic. This type of fabric is available on a different texture and thickness to suit one’s needs for upholstery use.

Common uses
The fabric is more commonly used in the following areas, but not limited to them.
- couches
- car seat cover
- yatch furnishings
- home and office furnitures
- bar stools
- headboards

Features of patent vinyl

One of the best features of the patent vinyl fabric is its waterproof characteristic making it a better choice for outdoor furniture, as compared to leather. Consumers now are looking for outdoor fabrics that meet their requirements. And this fabric accommodates all the consumer’s needs in vehicles and outdoor upholstery, and thus has become the number one choice to be used outdoors.

Non-stretch material
Compared to the stretch type vinyl, patent vinyl has a non-stretch characteristic. This implies that it cannot be used in clothes, and costumes but it goes very well on furniture upholstery like sofas, bar chairs, home office and vehicle upholstery.

Vinyl comes in a variety of textures to meet your tastes and requirements. The high gloss shine finish captures attention and makes it perfect for use on headboards and ceilings depending on the usage required by the client.

Vinyl fabrics are also available with some choices of thickness to accommodate your needs depending on where the fabric is to be used, for example, if to be used in sofas, the fabric should be thick enough to sustain the ups and downs of daily usage of the furniture and should provide easy maintenance to the owner.

Leather has a distinct smell, whereas vinyl – if it has any odor at all, typically dissipates within a couple weeks of use.

The cost of using vinyl in home furnishing is very reasonable, especially compared to leather. Costs can be 3x to 4x less. It is weather resistant and less prone to rust and corrosion especially when used in outdoors. Therefore, users can have a lifetime usage of this material.

Fire Resistant
Vinyl has been proven to resist heat or fire compared to other types of plastics and wood making it a safe choice to use in home furnishings.

People have different tastes, and they want a fabric to come in many different colors or sheens. Since it is a man made fabric, the palette of colors available is limited only by the imagination. Vinyl material doesn’t have to be high glass, there also matte vinyl which has a dull finish similar to leather.

Vinyl fabric for bar booths

Cleaning just takes a wipe of the fabric, and dusting is also very easy. To remove dirt or stains you can either use a special type of solution, or simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

Patent vinyl is in high demand in the market because it is inexpensive, flexible, and versatile. In order to purchase this type of fabric, there are a few shops and online stores available for interested clients to choose from. They are available for consultations, and overall services. Once you purchase, sellers can track their product online, or directly chat with a customer representative to assist them. Clients or interested leads can also be constantly updated if they sign up with the newsletters. Promos and updates will be automatically delivered directly via email. Checkout one of our sponsors: www.MJTrends.com for more info.