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Pleats are seen on everything from furniture to car seats to skirts. It’s a simple, symmetrical design. All one needs is a sewing machine, foam, white chalk or pencil, measuring tape, (optional) adhesive, and whatever fabric wanted. In this article, we will use vinyl as our test subject.

The thickness of the foam and the fabric are based on what the user chooses for whatever the pleats are being used for. Car seats would seemingly need a wider measurement of foam for tushy comfort. Once that is figured out, it’s time to measure the fabric to the foam.

Before buying the vinyl, look up what kind of elements it has. For example, stretch. Two-way stretch means it only stretches horizontally. Patent vinyl carries less stretch ability and is better used for things such as car seat upholstery. Of course, the exteriors of the vinyl are optional and free willing. Once the vinyl is chosen, the measuring tape can be taken out of the toolbox.

The width of the pleats is also a free-for-all. To figure out what would look best, measure the piece of foam from beginning to end. If it’s a smaller piece of foam, then smaller widths would be ideal. Random patterns can be made, too; maybe one pleat is an inch and the next is 3/5 of an inch. Do not let the fabric fool you, though. When the actual sewing of the fabric to the foam takes place, the thread will ultimately pull little bits of fabric with it, creating those indentations.

An 8 inch piece of fabric will not cover an 8 inch piece of foam. Leave extra room. Or let the foam remain a bigger size because it can also be cut down after sewing everything together. Also, leave space at the edges for “seam allowance.” Sewing the edges up will make the final product look neater, and prevent it from tearing or ripping, later on.
Mark the size of the pleats. Before the actual sewing begins, decide whether or not to stick the fabric to the foam. It will be harder to sew in nice straight lines without the fabric jumping all over the place, if it isn’t somehow attached to the foam. Maybe taping the corners down, somehow temporarily putting the two materials together, would be an alternative.
After all the specs and planning comes the fun part. Take the time to look over everything before committing it to the sewing machine. Is just one side of the foam being covered, or the whole thing? Is there anything that needs to be done to the fabric before it’s finished? Questions like this could help avoid resentment.

Sew, nice and easy, down the marked lines. Foam is flimsy, so using something like a thick ruler near the line being sewn will be very helpful. First and foremost, take your time. After the sewing is done, make sure everything is up to your standard. Cut or sew any extra thread, foam, etc. Hopefully, you get what you wanted.

Bringing anything back to life is a difficult feat. But when one has the proper tools and materials, especially if they’re not tearing holes through wallet pockets, the challenge can turn into a fun and rewarding activity. This article focuses on the reupholstering of vinyl in a muscle car’s interior.

After physically removing the seats, take the careful time to rip along the seams in the seating. The best tool to use for this process would be a seam ripper. Make sure to place the upholstery in the exact way it was sewn on in the first place, or make a strong mental note of their positions.

Now, mathematics. Measure how much fabric will be needed to replace the original. Usually, yard increments are counted. This part is tedious because it would take a robot’s brain to be able to pinpoint exactly how much fabric to order. Remember to leave a little room for the imperfect shapes and spaces that the original fabric inevitably has. Sometimes, tracing or marking helps. Along with buying the appropriate vinyl, foam and a cotton fabric (like muslin) have to be bought in order to add backing to the new upholstery. Recycling or reusing is always the best option, but it can’t always be enacted. An adhesive should at least be considered, too, because these things have to somehow stick together.

Once the new vinyl has arrived, it’s time to start cutting and sewing. Cut out the appropriate measurements and sew the new vinyl using a sewing machine, keeping the back parts of the seats sewn separately. This leaves space for error and should make it easier to fix possible mistakes, as well as offering ease when putting things together. If there’s extra fabric left over after sewing, it can be cut off or folded under and sewn. Extra upholstery fabric is a good thing, especially for vinyl because it can be pulled and stretched to its limit, leaving a neat and perfect seat cover. Fit the backs and bottoms on in the same fashion you would a pillow in a case. Make sure everything is tight and sew or cut any “loose ends.” Bolt back the seats, sit, and enjoy.
While a project such as this has the capability to be accessible to those with little to no experience, it does take time and patience. Visual reference is a useful guide along with this helpful model.


Pink vinyl sofa

Pink vinyl sofa

Patent vinyl has a very nice sheen to it that makes items like leggings, shoes, handbags, and even costumes stand out.  Patent vinyl, is the animal friendly alternative to leather, and is far more versatile.  Patent vinyl fabrics allow for individuals to create fashion looks and accessories that stand out from the crowd.

Patent vinyl is not just reserved for clothing and accessories any longer, it is also able to be utilized in the home.  Home décor options are becoming more and more avant garde and are allowing individuals to express themselves through the pieces in their homes.

One of the newest, coolest, and funniest options for patent vinyl is wall decals.  There are many custom websites that offer wall decals to individuals who are looking for a little something extra for their walls, however, these wall decals generally are pretty pricey and are not made with patent vinyl.

Patent vinyl fabrics, however, can be made to be a homemade version of these vinyl wall decals.  This allows you to customize the decals any way you want without the constraints of a wall decal supply company.  Patent vinyl has also made its way into other home décor options through bedding, shower curtains, place mats, sofas, and much more.

vinyl pillow

vinyl pillow

Bedding is generally made with cotton and satin fabrics, but patent vinyl is another option for those who want to have a more stylish bed.  Patent vinyl can be used to make an entire bed set of a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and pillow covers.  However, you have to be absolutely in love with vinyl fabric in order to do this and be comfortable sleeping in it.

If you are less extreme, then patent vinyl can upholster a cute little throw pillow on your bed in a bright accent color in order to give the bed set some attitude.  Another way to incorporate patent vinyl into bedding is to have your duvet or comforter cove trimmed at the edges with patent vinyl.

For example you could have a sued snakeskin embossed comforter cover with patent vinyl on the lower two corners, and the pillow could have patent vinyl on all four corners leaving the middle the soft embossed snakeskin sued.  There are many different options to choose from when it comes to incorporating something as eye catching as patent vinyl.

vinyl bedding

vinyl bedding

Patent vinyl can also be used in other areas of bedding such as upholstery of the bed frame itself.  This vinyl fabric looks great as a head board material, or if you have a round bed, as an upholstery for the entire bed frame.  Upholstery of beds is not the only place that patent vinyl can go, it can also be used on sofas and chairs in order to create a leather look without the steep cost of leather.  This is perfect for a bachelor’s pad or a sophisticated office; you can even upholster your office desk chair in patent vinyl in order to give it an exceptional look.

Another great option is to use the patent vinyl fabric as a shower curtain.  In fact, pretty much every shower curtain available on the market uses some vinyl fabric.  Patent vinyl, however, would give a great sheen as well as give more privacy to the individual using the shower.

There are different gauges in patent vinyl material, but in general it will be all one color.  Your shower curtain can be a design of anything from bright or dark colors, to a rainbow effect, the options are endless.  Other curtain options are not of the shower kind for patent vinyl.  Since you can get a heavier gauge, patent vinyl curtains are great privacy walls or room separators for small homes.  It is not recommended to us on windows, especially in hot climates as the sun will likely discolor the vinyl fabric as well as heat it up too much causing the curtain negative effects.

There are so many different and great options for use of patent vinyl in both chic and funky ways.  Patent vinyl allows for individuals to express themselves in other ways previously unavailable to them through conventional fabrics.  Try it out and you might be surprised with the looks you can come up with.

Why is vinyl the most widely used fabric in the world? Because it is a versatile material that makes our lives more convenient due to its resistance to damage and its ability to last without the need for replacement as well as ease of maintenance.

For home and office use:
Vinyl fabric is the material that replaces leather and wood furnishings in almost everything in the house. It can be used on sofas and other upholstery items. It does not rot, and is a perfect choice to be used in high humidity places where leather cannot be used. One good example would be the use of vinyl on boats. It’s difficult to use leather in such a situation, as leather will wear out with exposure to water without regular treatment.

Upholstery vinyl fabric

MJTrends upholstery vinyl fabric

Similarly, you can use vinyl in your backyard. It is durable and can take any weather condition, unlike leather. What’s more, vinyl is animal friendly and there is no skinning involved.

Fabric choices can be glossy or matte, according to your taste. You can choose from any of the many colors available in vinyl to suit your requirements. Besides the colors, there are many textures and patterns to suit your style and preference. Maintenance is also minimal – wipe it down with a damp cloth and your done.

Basement design
Vinyl is not just used in homes and offices, but you can perk up your basement with the it’s use. Add a mini bar – something that’s both decorative and functional. Furthermore you can use patent vinyl on bar stools and chairs

Art and Design
PVC is a popular choice for designers and due to its versatility. It provides a modern alternative to leather or other fabric products. It is used in a diverse range of consumer goods from bags, fashion, furniture and art, and plays and important role in everyday life.

Importance of Vinyl
- Vinyl is strong and lightweight. Its toughness is the primary reason why it is widely used in interior design applications. It is lighter and less expensive, as compared to leather.
- Durability. Vinyl is the preferred choice of many customers for lifelong use, especially for outdoor products. Vinyl upholsteries have life of up to 50 years. But in outdoor applications, with high wear and tear scenarios, the life reduces to 20 years. This long life makes it an extremely cheap option. With low maintenance costs, it comes to hardly a few pennies that you are spending. Leather comes expensive, and has high maintenance costs. Plus, vinyl is also loved my eco-friendly people.

Glossy Or Matte
Vinyl fabric is available in different textures. The glossy feel is great for automotive upholstery, sofas, bar stools, and headboards. It also come in matte texture.

Vinyl fabric for bar booths

Vinyl is the most tested fabric. The Internet provides easy access to different market providers of vinyl manufacturers and distributors who are willing to accommodate any inquiries from potential customers. Therefore with its wide range of availability in the market, one should be able to choose according to need and purpose the perfect type of vinyl basing on texture, thickness and price. There is always something in the market to accommodate one’s need.

Gothic styled bedroom.Have you ever had that feeling of being bored from the fabric design of your furniture and upholstery? Looking around you feel that you had enough already at the plainness of your fabric choices. You desire something more, some form of individuality and randomness but still want to maintain a common theme for your home.

Love bats and vampires? Paint your nails black and stay out all night under the full moon? How about a goth theme! Having a goth home decor takes a lot of effort to get right. The most basic thing to consider in choosing such a theme is the person himself/herself.

When considering, take into account what fabrics would be most appropriate for you. If you are looking for durability and beauty in the same time, checkout black patent vinyl. This fabric is shiny and highly glossy. Stretch PVC fabric has the capacity to stretch both vertically and horizontally, while maintaining its glossy appearance. This can be used as drapes, or covers for pillows.

Patent vinyl is more durable and thicker than the PVC but still has that glossy luster. This fabric is best used as covers for armchair since it is waterproof.

You might think that going with a goth home decor means that you have no other choice but the plain black. This is not so. There are still many options. A Goth home décor theme can be subdivided into different classes. There is a Victorian Goth design, Egyptian Goth design, Asian Goth design, Medieval Goth design, Cemetery Goth, Punk Goth, and even a Fairy Goth design.

The Victorian Goth style usually indicates different textures for your home. Colors can be black or ivory; and the fabrics can be velvet, lace, or cotton. This style has an antique atmosphere.

Egyptian Goth style evokes a sense of being in an Egyptian tomb. The basic colors can be of gold, black, or sand-color. The fabrics though would be linen, or even possible, velvet.

Asian Goth style gives a sense of being Oriental or Asian. Glossy black, ivory, and gold are the usual colors. Oriental brocades are usually the fabric of choice for this style.

The Medieval Goth design has a unique atmosphere of its own. This would involve a castle design to your home, complete with the armors and other items. The fabrics would include those with heavier weights such as velvets and fake fur.

A Cemetery Goth design emits a kind of Halloween atmosphere to your home. This could give you a morbid and gloomy look. The presence of bones and skulls usually give justice to this gothic style. The usual fabrics of choice are those that usually give of a shady look such as velvet.

Upholstery vinyl fabric

MJTrends upholstery vinyl fabric

Punk Goth design gives off a general “whatever-works” atmosphere to your home. This means that this style uses items that are not in use anymore and have been handed down. There is no fixed color scheme although black, red, and white would work well. Fabrics of choice would be leather or fur.

The Fairy Goth radiates a more magical look to your home, complete with a mysterious appeal to your decorations. Usually light fabrics are used as covers and drapes.

To sum up, there are many options if you want to style to your home with a goth theme. It’s a misconception to think that goth designs only provide a morbid atmosphere, as you now know it can be much more than that.