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Choosing an ottoman style and upholstery fabric with which to cover it offers as many options as choosing a décor style does. Ultimately, the fabric that you choose should lend itself to the function of your ottoman, whether it is stylistic, a storage tool, or a table, as well as tying into your overall theme.

A leather ottoman coffee table is an incredibly functional piece of furniture.

Brown leather ottoman

While you can design one in any style, an ottoman coffee table with four serving trays is the perfect way to get dual usage out of your furniture: when flipped over, it appears to be a traditional ottoman; when turned with the trays facing up, your family is able to eat and drink in front of the television, without having to store bulky tray tables. From there, you can design your leather ottoman coffee table to be smooth on the sides, or to have a convenient spot underneath for storing books and magazines, adding an additional facet of hidden functionality.

Leather Storage Ottoman

Storage ottoman

When you need to maximize the space in your home, a faux leather storage ottoman can be the perfect thing to keep your home organized and tuck away your mess. In the bedroom, storage ottoman are perfect for keeping blankets and linens; whereas, in the living room, they are ideal for keeping odds and ends that you do not want on display for your guests, while providing you with a stylish furniture piece and foot rest.

White patent vinyl cube ottoman.

Modern white patent vinyl


A patent vinyl white ottoman can give your home an uber-modern touch of Space Age sophistication, perfectly complementing the clean lines and minimalism of the décor style. If you have a modern décor with a dichromatic scheme of black and white, an ottoman with a colorful fabric can be the perfect way to incorporate an accent color, whether you want the bright punch of a pop art color palette to accent your Andy Warhol prints, green to give you that 1960’s Miami style, or any other theme of your choosing.

With the many upholstery fabric options available, you can let your imagination run wild designing the perfect ottoman to suit your home. The styles and combinations are limitless and, by designing your own ottoman, you are able to create a unique piece that perfectly integrates your overall design goals into a functional and artistic piece for your home.

Pink vinyl sofa

Pink vinyl sofa

Patent vinyl has a very nice sheen to it that makes items like leggings, shoes, handbags, and even costumes stand out.  Patent vinyl, is the animal friendly alternative to leather, and is far more versatile.  Patent vinyl fabrics allow for individuals to create fashion looks and accessories that stand out from the crowd.

Patent vinyl is not just reserved for clothing and accessories any longer, it is also able to be utilized in the home.  Home décor options are becoming more and more avant garde and are allowing individuals to express themselves through the pieces in their homes.

One of the newest, coolest, and funniest options for patent vinyl is wall decals.  There are many custom websites that offer wall decals to individuals who are looking for a little something extra for their walls, however, these wall decals generally are pretty pricey and are not made with patent vinyl.

Patent vinyl fabrics, however, can be made to be a homemade version of these vinyl wall decals.  This allows you to customize the decals any way you want without the constraints of a wall decal supply company.  Patent vinyl has also made its way into other home décor options through bedding, shower curtains, place mats, sofas, and much more.

vinyl pillow

vinyl pillow

Bedding is generally made with cotton and satin fabrics, but patent vinyl is another option for those who want to have a more stylish bed.  Patent vinyl can be used to make an entire bed set of a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and pillow covers.  However, you have to be absolutely in love with vinyl fabric in order to do this and be comfortable sleeping in it.

If you are less extreme, then patent vinyl can upholster a cute little throw pillow on your bed in a bright accent color in order to give the bed set some attitude.  Another way to incorporate patent vinyl into bedding is to have your duvet or comforter cove trimmed at the edges with patent vinyl.

For example you could have a sued snakeskin embossed comforter cover with patent vinyl on the lower two corners, and the pillow could have patent vinyl on all four corners leaving the middle the soft embossed snakeskin sued.  There are many different options to choose from when it comes to incorporating something as eye catching as patent vinyl.

vinyl bedding

vinyl bedding

Patent vinyl can also be used in other areas of bedding such as upholstery of the bed frame itself.  This vinyl fabric looks great as a head board material, or if you have a round bed, as an upholstery for the entire bed frame.  Upholstery of beds is not the only place that patent vinyl can go, it can also be used on sofas and chairs in order to create a leather look without the steep cost of leather.  This is perfect for a bachelor’s pad or a sophisticated office; you can even upholster your office desk chair in patent vinyl in order to give it an exceptional look.

Another great option is to use the patent vinyl fabric as a shower curtain.  In fact, pretty much every shower curtain available on the market uses some vinyl fabric.  Patent vinyl, however, would give a great sheen as well as give more privacy to the individual using the shower.

There are different gauges in patent vinyl material, but in general it will be all one color.  Your shower curtain can be a design of anything from bright or dark colors, to a rainbow effect, the options are endless.  Other curtain options are not of the shower kind for patent vinyl.  Since you can get a heavier gauge, patent vinyl curtains are great privacy walls or room separators for small homes.  It is not recommended to us on windows, especially in hot climates as the sun will likely discolor the vinyl fabric as well as heat it up too much causing the curtain negative effects.

There are so many different and great options for use of patent vinyl in both chic and funky ways.  Patent vinyl allows for individuals to express themselves in other ways previously unavailable to them through conventional fabrics.  Try it out and you might be surprised with the looks you can come up with.

Who said that you couldn’t enjoy and relax in your own home? In fact, you can always use some available space in your home to make an entertainment area. If upon surveying your house you find that your appliances, furniture, or upholsteries have filled out all available space, every room has been used up, then check again. With another look you may find that your basement is the perfect place to create a relaxation pad.

vinyl upholstery fabric

Vinyl fabric for basement bars sold at MJTrends.com

Take time to think and consider; how will you efficiently use the available space to create the room you desire? Upon thinking through, you list out the different options on how a basement could be practically setup. A basement is usually an area under the house or ground floor, placed there depending on the preferences of the owners of the house.

Pondering the options, you can either use your basement as a storage area, additional room, guest room, or a recreation room. After a long drag, you then get a wonderful idea. What if you transform your ordinary basement into your own personal basement bar? Struck by this great idea, you then devise a plan for your project to go into form.

A bar is a personal place wherein you can relax, have fun, enjoy a drink, or play a game or two; depending on the furniture and other items you use. Going through what to place inside your own bar, you settle on the basic requirements: first is a drink counter, a place for refreshments and fluids that would quench your thirst. Then you think of the upholsteries, furniture, or other things that would your basement bar appealing to you. The importance thing is that your choices create the relaxation and comfort that you desire.

And this is where the problem comes in. How do you choose the appropriate fabrics that would coat your couches, bar stools, and chairs? The most basic and important requirement is that the fabric is appropriate to the theme or look that you want to project. You don’t want to choose a fabric that would make your bar look gloomy or uncomfortable to stay in. Getting the necessary materials is one thing, but choosing the appropriate ones is another thing. Depending on the type of basement bar that you are planning to remodel or build, you just have to get the right stuff and fabric for it.

There are a ton of fabric choices to choose from. But before you do that, you have some thinking to do. The first thing is that you should be aware of how these fabrics differ and what makes them unique. This you can do by asking from an expert or read about them yourself.

First you can choose from a vinyl fabric, also known as pvc or patent leather fabric. These types are extremely durable and typically last longer than woven fabrics. If you are planning to have a basement bar that would be used frequently, then vinyl fabrics are the best choice. Because of their durability, they offer less or no stretching at all. They can be used to coat seats and chairs that are continuously in use. There are also several different colors for you to choose from.

faux leather upholstery fabric

Faux leather fabric: MJTrends.com

You can also try the faux leather or faux snakeskin fabrics. These fabrics emit a beautiful luster and are considered as both environmentally and animal friendly. Faux leather fabric is often mistaken as real leather but is actually made from synthetic materials that are biodegradable. Faux snakeskin fabric is patterned according to naturally occuring hides and made from polyester and polyvinylchloride. These fabrics are waterproofed and would just be the right choice for those spilled drinks. Plus, animal skin is just the right flavor for your man cave or female bachelor nest (ladies, checkout metallic pink reptile available at MJTrends.com).

There are still many kinds of fabrics that you could choose from. Do your research and broaden your horizons and pick the best fabric that suits your theme. There are no guidelines or rules on what you should choose, what is important is that your decision give your bar beauty and uniqueness, as well as create feelings of comfort and relaxation.