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Snakeskin fabric for motorcycle seats.

Snakeskin fabric for motorcycle seats.

When you are adding a touch of personality to your motorcycle seat, reupholstering your motorcycle seat can give your bike the perfect facelift that you are looking for, without breaking the bank.

It is important that you find a heavy duty fabric meant for exposure to the elements and prolonged use, such as patent vinyl, which gives a stylish and tough edge, yet is strong enough to withstand use as a motorcycle seat cover.

Another unique option is snakeskin, which is a high-quality seat cover that is certain to make your motorcycle seat stand out from the crowd. Snakeskin has long been a favorite hide for cowboy boots, and other stylish, yet durable uses. Although a full snakeskin seat certainly makes an impact, a combination skin seat, using snakeskin to accent a base color, is another style that is full of flair.

Ostrich skin, which is often used for high end furniture and other heavy duty applications, stingray, shark, and crocodile skin are alternative options to this style that will update or customize the look of your motorcycle. These fabrics all come in a wide variety of colors to ensure that your motorcycle seat is unique to you.

Snakeskin fabric for motorcycle.A patent vinyl motorcycle seat can turn an already amazing bike into an edgy and cool ride that is unlike any other. Patent vinyl is an incredibly durable, thick, heavy duty fabric that offers the dual impact of style and functionality.

Whenever you are re-covering your motorcycle seat, it is important to pay attention to details, ensuring that your cover fits seamlessly over corners and curves. While it is simple enough to do yourself, pulling and tucking the fabric tightly around the corners and cutting excess fabric away from the folds will ensure that the final product will stand the test of time and look exceptional. Once you have recovered your motorcycle seat with a unique upholstery fabric, you are certain to garner a great deal of attention from fellow riders and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Snake skin fabric looks amazing when used in shoes, jackets, jewelry, and other clothing items, however, it’s just as versatile when used in home decor.  There are so many different ways that one can use snake skin to create a one of a kind in home experience.


Pink snake skin jewerly box.Many people see an animal print like snakeskin as too strong to be utilized properly within the home, but there are many subtle as well as wild ways to use such a fabric.  With all the items in your home, why not try to spice it up with some snake skin upholstery?


Faux snake skin is all the rage these days, because it means not spending a pretty penny for a real snake hide, as well as helps further the campaign to save animals from the killer hands of fashion.  It can be utilized in the home for pillow cases and trims, adding a simple faux python trim to a black suede throw pillow is the perfect way to not only incorporate snake skin into the home, but to add a little umph to something so simple as a pillow case.  Doing this would be easy with some basic sewing skills and a small bit of high quality fabric.


Another option for individuals wanting to spice up their home is to look into adding accents to furniture like jewelry boxes, dresser tops, table tops, and much more.  You can choose from the simplest of patterns and colors to keep the feel mellow and sophisticated, or if you are really into everything pink you can grab up a pink faux snake skin fabric and attach it with some furniture adhesive for the edgy funky look that you love.


Faux snake skin toilet cover.Another option for those who just love the look of snake skin is to us it in creating bath coordinates such as toilet top and seat covers.  You can choose bright or natural colors for these.  Even window treatments can take a dash of reptilian fabric.  You can use it for little accents or you can create an entire curtain out of one or many styles of faux snakeskin, and since these fabrics have different gauges you should be able to find the one with the right thickness so that it is not too heavy or too light blocking.


There are even some options for your walls and floors where you can use create a floor treatment or wall paper.   There are so many options and ways to use these unique fabrics that you should consider it in your home if you are trying to go for a different look.

The interior design industry had greatly evolved starting from the use of plain fabrics, to the use of leather, then to the use of genuine fur and the ever popular and exclusive authentic reptile fabrics. The controversial use of animal skins as fabric is the cause of heartbreaking skinning of these animals.

As technology evolved, it facilitated the manufacturing of faux fabrics to imitate the exact feel and texture of genuine animal skin, resulting in a cheaper alternative, leading to the use of these materials without feelings of guilt. The common man cannot tell the difference between original animal skins compared to reptile vinyl fabric because it is manufactured in such a way that it imitates the physical characteristics of the original skin almost perfectly.

Snake skin fabric for upholstery

Snake skin fabric from MJTrends

The popularity of fur and animal skins in the fashion industry has expanded its use among home, office and automotive upholstery. Besides being preferred for the style the material conveys, it also has been proved to be more resistant to cuts and damage, thus making it easy to maintain. The best part is that faux reptile fabrics are available at a very cheap price.

Features of Reptile Vinyl fabric
Vinyl imitates the original feel of authentic animal skins, thus providing the full essence without the cruelty. It is cheap and fashionable without the guilt of hurting animals or destroying the environment.

Texture and thickness
These materials are available with different textures to choose from, depending on the type of animal skin being imitated. For example, crocodile skin is thicker and larger grained, as compared to snakeskin. But snake skin itself comes in a variety of textures and thickness to choose from, depending on the type of snake the manufacturers are trying to imitate. One might be glossier than the other, or thicker and embossed, as compared to another.

Thickness also varies depending on the use of these materials, for example if used on a sofa, some customers prefer it thicker and stiffer, while others prefer it softer, thinner and more elastic for other uses.

With the different types of vinyl grades, there are also varieties of colors to choose from- whether plain or textured, from white and black, to silver, purple, gold, maroon and many others. There are many colors to suit your needs. There are also manufacturers who customize these materials depending on the preference of the client.

Thus, it is best to consult these providers as they can assist you better and can provide you with the style you want your fabric to have.

Similar to patent vinyl, the reptile prints are basically the same type of material, and since it is plastic- it is waterproof and damage resistant, and can be used on furniture, deck coverings or outdoor sofas, and it has a much longer lifeline compared to wood, metal and leather.

Ease of maintenance is a huge benefit to owning these types of fabrics. Any stains or day-to-day dirt can be removed by wiping it off with a damp cloth.

The availability of faux animal skin allowed designers to be creative as we are able to replicate the original hide almost perfectly. These materials look good, are in style, and loved by people worldwide, as they present the feel of the real animal skin, without harming animals.

Pink snake skin fabric

Snake skin fabrics sold at MJTrends.com

Since this material is made of Vinyl, this fabric is best used for furniture covers and upholstery. Faux reptile skins are not only limited to use on bags, shoes, and wallets, but are used as couch covers, bar stools, outdoor sofas and vehicle interiors to name a few. They are the best choice for people who admire animal skins and leather, and want to enhance the style of their home and office furniture.

Due to the flexibility of this material, interior designers have maximized its use and have incorporated reptile vinyl in furniture. Not only is it inexpensive, it lasts long compared to the other materials like woven fabrics, which are prone to wear and tear within a few years of usage.