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Snakeskin fabric for motorcycle seats.

Snakeskin fabric for motorcycle seats.

When you are adding a touch of personality to your motorcycle seat, reupholstering your motorcycle seat can give your bike the perfect facelift that you are looking for, without breaking the bank.

It is important that you find a heavy duty fabric meant for exposure to the elements and prolonged use, such as patent vinyl, which gives a stylish and tough edge, yet is strong enough to withstand use as a motorcycle seat cover.

Another unique option is snakeskin, which is a high-quality seat cover that is certain to make your motorcycle seat stand out from the crowd. Snakeskin has long been a favorite hide for cowboy boots, and other stylish, yet durable uses. Although a full snakeskin seat certainly makes an impact, a combination skin seat, using snakeskin to accent a base color, is another style that is full of flair.

Ostrich skin, which is often used for high end furniture and other heavy duty applications, stingray, shark, and crocodile skin are alternative options to this style that will update or customize the look of your motorcycle. These fabrics all come in a wide variety of colors to ensure that your motorcycle seat is unique to you.

Snakeskin fabric for motorcycle.A patent vinyl motorcycle seat can turn an already amazing bike into an edgy and cool ride that is unlike any other. Patent vinyl is an incredibly durable, thick, heavy duty fabric that offers the dual impact of style and functionality.

Whenever you are re-covering your motorcycle seat, it is important to pay attention to details, ensuring that your cover fits seamlessly over corners and curves. While it is simple enough to do yourself, pulling and tucking the fabric tightly around the corners and cutting excess fabric away from the folds will ensure that the final product will stand the test of time and look exceptional. Once you have recovered your motorcycle seat with a unique upholstery fabric, you are certain to garner a great deal of attention from fellow riders and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Choosing an ottoman style and upholstery fabric with which to cover it offers as many options as choosing a décor style does. Ultimately, the fabric that you choose should lend itself to the function of your ottoman, whether it is stylistic, a storage tool, or a table, as well as tying into your overall theme.

A leather ottoman coffee table is an incredibly functional piece of furniture.

Brown leather ottoman

While you can design one in any style, an ottoman coffee table with four serving trays is the perfect way to get dual usage out of your furniture: when flipped over, it appears to be a traditional ottoman; when turned with the trays facing up, your family is able to eat and drink in front of the television, without having to store bulky tray tables. From there, you can design your leather ottoman coffee table to be smooth on the sides, or to have a convenient spot underneath for storing books and magazines, adding an additional facet of hidden functionality.

Leather Storage Ottoman

Storage ottoman

When you need to maximize the space in your home, a faux leather storage ottoman can be the perfect thing to keep your home organized and tuck away your mess. In the bedroom, storage ottoman are perfect for keeping blankets and linens; whereas, in the living room, they are ideal for keeping odds and ends that you do not want on display for your guests, while providing you with a stylish furniture piece and foot rest.

White patent vinyl cube ottoman.

Modern white patent vinyl


A patent vinyl white ottoman can give your home an uber-modern touch of Space Age sophistication, perfectly complementing the clean lines and minimalism of the décor style. If you have a modern décor with a dichromatic scheme of black and white, an ottoman with a colorful fabric can be the perfect way to incorporate an accent color, whether you want the bright punch of a pop art color palette to accent your Andy Warhol prints, green to give you that 1960’s Miami style, or any other theme of your choosing.

With the many upholstery fabric options available, you can let your imagination run wild designing the perfect ottoman to suit your home. The styles and combinations are limitless and, by designing your own ottoman, you are able to create a unique piece that perfectly integrates your overall design goals into a functional and artistic piece for your home.

In this YouTube video we are presented with a small room and faced with the question of how to properly decorate it without making it seem too over crowded and making sure that the area is utilized properly.  Typically, in small rooms, we tend to try to cram as much small furniture as possible in order to ensure that there is enough storage space, and enough surface space to use.  However, doing so generally makes the room look cluttered rather than chic, and we do not want that.


Here Before & After TV was able to utlize the room in a fitting way that gave it more pizaz while at the same time not being too clutttered.  When picking a leather couch, as suggested in the video, you really do not want to go too big otherwise it will be overwhelming.  Simple, smaller pieces are key to furnishing any small room.  When choosing larger pieces such as couches and lounge chairs going with a leather look is very chic.  Choosing vinyl fabric as opposed to leather is another choice that will give your room that much more umph.  Vinyl upholstery is not only simpler to care for, but is also more versatile and much more in vogue than its animal derived counterpart.  Even if you choose to go with a couch that is of a different upholstery, accessorizing with vinyl covered pillows is another option that will give a little pop to any plane sofa.


Other great elements to a small room are the ottomans, because they allow for a multifunctional uses such as foot rests, storage containers, and even a substitute to that tired old coffee table look that takes up more space than needed.  You can choose great looking ottomans that are upholstered in vinyl in nearly any color.  If you are unable to find the color or style of vinyl upholstered ottomans ready to go, then simply go to your trusted vinyl retailer to grab up some vinyl fabric and simply upholster it yourself.  With a little direction and knowledge of basic sewing skills you can have the look from this video or from any other home decor magazine.  You can even vamp up an old ottoman with a lively layer of high quality vinyl upholstery.  There are many different options out there that can utilize the benefits of vinyl fabrics.


In the video they mentioned that adding a long rug to a room with colors or designs adds a little flair and elongates the small room.   This is a way to not only give the elongation of the room, but to give different depth levels to make the room seem larger and more modern.


There are so many different home decor options to choose from that can be modernized with a leather look made out of animal friendly vinyl fabrics that are far more versatile than leather.  Pillows, curtains, rugs, upholstery, table tops, etc there are so many ways that there is sure to be a vinyl look out there to please you.

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  PETA is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting animals rights no matter how big or small.  PETA has many campaigns that it runs with celebrity help, and with help from everyday individuals.  These campaigns range from “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” to the “Pleather Yourself” campaign.  Each campaign is designed to bring awareness to the plight of animals in the leather goods industry, and the fact that many celebrities do not support the use of animals in creating their red carpet attires.


Peta anti leather fabric campaign.The “Pleather Yourself” campaign is all about making the conscious decision to purchase only faux leather items of clothing and accessories rather than those made of animal hide such as leather and snakeskin.  The reason they are trying to make this campaign is in order to not only save animals lives, but to keep people from being blind to how these animals are processed just for the sake of a cute pair of shoes.  Pleather involves the use of only man made materials, and is never infused with animal products.


One of the most well known “Pleather Yourself” campaigns is of that run by Porn Mogul Jenna Jameson.  This campaign features postures and photographs of models clad in specifically faux leather clothing to show that leather is not the only option out there to achieve that sexy look.


Jenna Jameson’s work has brought more and more presence to the campaign as many porn stars do indeed wear pleather or latex clothing in videos and photo shoots mostly, because these sorts of fabrics have been generally seen as fetish clothing.  However, Jenna Jameson’s work has brought pleather clothing from the backroom to the front showing all the different ways men and women can utilize pleather in more conventional ways.


Alicia Silverstone fake leather suit.Alicia Silverstone is another PETA activist that has posed for numerous “Pleather Yourself” photos.  Alicia is a known vegetarian, and like Jenna Jameson is attempting to spread further awareness that pleather is not only practical but sexy as hell.  In one campaign photo you see Alicia in a skintight patent pleather bodysuit that is gorgeous.


Olivia Munn is also another PETA supporter, and in her campaign poster to save the elephants from poaching for use in clothing, she decided to go naked.  Many celebrities are joining these kind of naked campaigns, because they want to show that they and you do not need to kill animals in order to get the look that everyone wants.


Now if these celebrities with all their money and power are saying that pleather is not only a practical and inexpensive option for clothing, but it is also something that they would wear, then we should all give great consideration to choose more pleather styles for our wardrobe or home furnishings.   When it comes to your next  purchase take the advice PETA and choose pleather.

Snake skin fabric looks amazing when used in shoes, jackets, jewelry, and other clothing items, however, it’s just as versatile when used in home decor.  There are so many different ways that one can use snake skin to create a one of a kind in home experience.


Pink snake skin jewerly box.Many people see an animal print like snakeskin as too strong to be utilized properly within the home, but there are many subtle as well as wild ways to use such a fabric.  With all the items in your home, why not try to spice it up with some snake skin upholstery?


Faux snake skin is all the rage these days, because it means not spending a pretty penny for a real snake hide, as well as helps further the campaign to save animals from the killer hands of fashion.  It can be utilized in the home for pillow cases and trims, adding a simple faux python trim to a black suede throw pillow is the perfect way to not only incorporate snake skin into the home, but to add a little umph to something so simple as a pillow case.  Doing this would be easy with some basic sewing skills and a small bit of high quality fabric.


Another option for individuals wanting to spice up their home is to look into adding accents to furniture like jewelry boxes, dresser tops, table tops, and much more.  You can choose from the simplest of patterns and colors to keep the feel mellow and sophisticated, or if you are really into everything pink you can grab up a pink faux snake skin fabric and attach it with some furniture adhesive for the edgy funky look that you love.


Faux snake skin toilet cover.Another option for those who just love the look of snake skin is to us it in creating bath coordinates such as toilet top and seat covers.  You can choose bright or natural colors for these.  Even window treatments can take a dash of reptilian fabric.  You can use it for little accents or you can create an entire curtain out of one or many styles of faux snakeskin, and since these fabrics have different gauges you should be able to find the one with the right thickness so that it is not too heavy or too light blocking.


There are even some options for your walls and floors where you can use create a floor treatment or wall paper.   There are so many options and ways to use these unique fabrics that you should consider it in your home if you are trying to go for a different look.

Pink vinyl sofa

Pink vinyl sofa

Patent vinyl has a very nice sheen to it that makes items like leggings, shoes, handbags, and even costumes stand out.  Patent vinyl, is the animal friendly alternative to leather, and is far more versatile.  Patent vinyl fabrics allow for individuals to create fashion looks and accessories that stand out from the crowd.

Patent vinyl is not just reserved for clothing and accessories any longer, it is also able to be utilized in the home.  Home décor options are becoming more and more avant garde and are allowing individuals to express themselves through the pieces in their homes.

One of the newest, coolest, and funniest options for patent vinyl is wall decals.  There are many custom websites that offer wall decals to individuals who are looking for a little something extra for their walls, however, these wall decals generally are pretty pricey and are not made with patent vinyl.

Patent vinyl fabrics, however, can be made to be a homemade version of these vinyl wall decals.  This allows you to customize the decals any way you want without the constraints of a wall decal supply company.  Patent vinyl has also made its way into other home décor options through bedding, shower curtains, place mats, sofas, and much more.

vinyl pillow

vinyl pillow

Bedding is generally made with cotton and satin fabrics, but patent vinyl is another option for those who want to have a more stylish bed.  Patent vinyl can be used to make an entire bed set of a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and pillow covers.  However, you have to be absolutely in love with vinyl fabric in order to do this and be comfortable sleeping in it.

If you are less extreme, then patent vinyl can upholster a cute little throw pillow on your bed in a bright accent color in order to give the bed set some attitude.  Another way to incorporate patent vinyl into bedding is to have your duvet or comforter cove trimmed at the edges with patent vinyl.

For example you could have a sued snakeskin embossed comforter cover with patent vinyl on the lower two corners, and the pillow could have patent vinyl on all four corners leaving the middle the soft embossed snakeskin sued.  There are many different options to choose from when it comes to incorporating something as eye catching as patent vinyl.

vinyl bedding

vinyl bedding

Patent vinyl can also be used in other areas of bedding such as upholstery of the bed frame itself.  This vinyl fabric looks great as a head board material, or if you have a round bed, as an upholstery for the entire bed frame.  Upholstery of beds is not the only place that patent vinyl can go, it can also be used on sofas and chairs in order to create a leather look without the steep cost of leather.  This is perfect for a bachelor’s pad or a sophisticated office; you can even upholster your office desk chair in patent vinyl in order to give it an exceptional look.

Another great option is to use the patent vinyl fabric as a shower curtain.  In fact, pretty much every shower curtain available on the market uses some vinyl fabric.  Patent vinyl, however, would give a great sheen as well as give more privacy to the individual using the shower.

There are different gauges in patent vinyl material, but in general it will be all one color.  Your shower curtain can be a design of anything from bright or dark colors, to a rainbow effect, the options are endless.  Other curtain options are not of the shower kind for patent vinyl.  Since you can get a heavier gauge, patent vinyl curtains are great privacy walls or room separators for small homes.  It is not recommended to us on windows, especially in hot climates as the sun will likely discolor the vinyl fabric as well as heat it up too much causing the curtain negative effects.

There are so many different and great options for use of patent vinyl in both chic and funky ways.  Patent vinyl allows for individuals to express themselves in other ways previously unavailable to them through conventional fabrics.  Try it out and you might be surprised with the looks you can come up with.

Why is vinyl the most widely used fabric in the world? Because it is a versatile material that makes our lives more convenient due to its resistance to damage and its ability to last without the need for replacement as well as ease of maintenance.

For home and office use:
Vinyl fabric is the material that replaces leather and wood furnishings in almost everything in the house. It can be used on sofas and other upholstery items. It does not rot, and is a perfect choice to be used in high humidity places where leather cannot be used. One good example would be the use of vinyl on boats. It’s difficult to use leather in such a situation, as leather will wear out with exposure to water without regular treatment.

Upholstery vinyl fabric

MJTrends upholstery vinyl fabric

Similarly, you can use vinyl in your backyard. It is durable and can take any weather condition, unlike leather. What’s more, vinyl is animal friendly and there is no skinning involved.

Fabric choices can be glossy or matte, according to your taste. You can choose from any of the many colors available in vinyl to suit your requirements. Besides the colors, there are many textures and patterns to suit your style and preference. Maintenance is also minimal – wipe it down with a damp cloth and your done.

Basement design
Vinyl is not just used in homes and offices, but you can perk up your basement with the it’s use. Add a mini bar – something that’s both decorative and functional. Furthermore you can use patent vinyl on bar stools and chairs

Art and Design
PVC is a popular choice for designers and due to its versatility. It provides a modern alternative to leather or other fabric products. It is used in a diverse range of consumer goods from bags, fashion, furniture and art, and plays and important role in everyday life.

Importance of Vinyl
- Vinyl is strong and lightweight. Its toughness is the primary reason why it is widely used in interior design applications. It is lighter and less expensive, as compared to leather.
- Durability. Vinyl is the preferred choice of many customers for lifelong use, especially for outdoor products. Vinyl upholsteries have life of up to 50 years. But in outdoor applications, with high wear and tear scenarios, the life reduces to 20 years. This long life makes it an extremely cheap option. With low maintenance costs, it comes to hardly a few pennies that you are spending. Leather comes expensive, and has high maintenance costs. Plus, vinyl is also loved my eco-friendly people.

Glossy Or Matte
Vinyl fabric is available in different textures. The glossy feel is great for automotive upholstery, sofas, bar stools, and headboards. It also come in matte texture.

Vinyl fabric for bar booths

Vinyl is the most tested fabric. The Internet provides easy access to different market providers of vinyl manufacturers and distributors who are willing to accommodate any inquiries from potential customers. Therefore with its wide range of availability in the market, one should be able to choose according to need and purpose the perfect type of vinyl basing on texture, thickness and price. There is always something in the market to accommodate one’s need.

The interior design industry had greatly evolved starting from the use of plain fabrics, to the use of leather, then to the use of genuine fur and the ever popular and exclusive authentic reptile fabrics. The controversial use of animal skins as fabric is the cause of heartbreaking skinning of these animals.

As technology evolved, it facilitated the manufacturing of faux fabrics to imitate the exact feel and texture of genuine animal skin, resulting in a cheaper alternative, leading to the use of these materials without feelings of guilt. The common man cannot tell the difference between original animal skins compared to reptile vinyl fabric because it is manufactured in such a way that it imitates the physical characteristics of the original skin almost perfectly.

Snake skin fabric for upholstery

Snake skin fabric from MJTrends

The popularity of fur and animal skins in the fashion industry has expanded its use among home, office and automotive upholstery. Besides being preferred for the style the material conveys, it also has been proved to be more resistant to cuts and damage, thus making it easy to maintain. The best part is that faux reptile fabrics are available at a very cheap price.

Features of Reptile Vinyl fabric
Vinyl imitates the original feel of authentic animal skins, thus providing the full essence without the cruelty. It is cheap and fashionable without the guilt of hurting animals or destroying the environment.

Texture and thickness
These materials are available with different textures to choose from, depending on the type of animal skin being imitated. For example, crocodile skin is thicker and larger grained, as compared to snakeskin. But snake skin itself comes in a variety of textures and thickness to choose from, depending on the type of snake the manufacturers are trying to imitate. One might be glossier than the other, or thicker and embossed, as compared to another.

Thickness also varies depending on the use of these materials, for example if used on a sofa, some customers prefer it thicker and stiffer, while others prefer it softer, thinner and more elastic for other uses.

With the different types of vinyl grades, there are also varieties of colors to choose from- whether plain or textured, from white and black, to silver, purple, gold, maroon and many others. There are many colors to suit your needs. There are also manufacturers who customize these materials depending on the preference of the client.

Thus, it is best to consult these providers as they can assist you better and can provide you with the style you want your fabric to have.

Similar to patent vinyl, the reptile prints are basically the same type of material, and since it is plastic- it is waterproof and damage resistant, and can be used on furniture, deck coverings or outdoor sofas, and it has a much longer lifeline compared to wood, metal and leather.

Ease of maintenance is a huge benefit to owning these types of fabrics. Any stains or day-to-day dirt can be removed by wiping it off with a damp cloth.

The availability of faux animal skin allowed designers to be creative as we are able to replicate the original hide almost perfectly. These materials look good, are in style, and loved by people worldwide, as they present the feel of the real animal skin, without harming animals.

Pink snake skin fabric

Snake skin fabrics sold at MJTrends.com

Since this material is made of Vinyl, this fabric is best used for furniture covers and upholstery. Faux reptile skins are not only limited to use on bags, shoes, and wallets, but are used as couch covers, bar stools, outdoor sofas and vehicle interiors to name a few. They are the best choice for people who admire animal skins and leather, and want to enhance the style of their home and office furniture.

Due to the flexibility of this material, interior designers have maximized its use and have incorporated reptile vinyl in furniture. Not only is it inexpensive, it lasts long compared to the other materials like woven fabrics, which are prone to wear and tear within a few years of usage.