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There are many ways to make your home uniquely yours. It starts with choosing paint colors for the walls and carpet colors. Then, there are little details you can add, pictures you can hang, and flowers you can place on the tables.

Along with making your home look original, you also want it to look rich and welcoming. A key way to do this is by adding leather accents. But, of course, leather is expensive. So, to get the look without the price, you can accent your home with artificial leather. There are a number of ways to do this. Here are just a few:

1. Add Leather to the Walls
Adding a little color to the walls is not the only way to turn a white wall in to something more distinctive. For a dynamic and luxurious look, you can add leather upholstered textured wall panels. If you are not sold on a wall of leather, mimic this idea and mix it up with glass tile. The look will be sure to be admired by all houseguests.

2. Add Leather to Furniture
You already know that a leather chair is a classic addition to any living room but did you ever think about adding leather to a bookshelf? This example shows shelf that is entirely covered in leather with metal tacks to act an extra special design. The piece is simple yet very elegant and sure to be an interesting piece.

3. Add Leather to the Bedroom
Leather does not have to stay in the living room with bookshelves, chairs, and walls. Bring it to the bedroom with an awesome headboard. This one shows an entire wall covered with leather paneling but you could limit it to just behind the bed for an equally rich look.

These ideas are just small ways to incorporate artificial leather in to your home. The little additions here and there will provide a special and unique look that is entirely your own.


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