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Animal prints and faux animal skins are very trendy right now for all kinds of items including clothing, accessories, and home decorating. To add the trend to your home, you could follow this tutorial to make a snakeskin pillowcase. The pillowcase will add an instant sense of uniqueness to your home.

To make your own pillowcase, you will need:

A Pillow (either a pillow form from the store or use an old pillow that needs a makeover)

Snakeskin Fabric (here, you can get creative and find one that is unique)

First, measure the length and the width of your pillow.

Cut one piece of fabric that is an inch wider and an inch taller than pillow’s measurements. For example, if your pillow is 17×17 inches, cut the first piece of fabric to 18×18 inches. Let’s call this Piece A.

Next, cut out two rectangular pieces that are the same height as Piece A. But the width of these two rectangular pieces will be half the size of Piece A plus two inches.
So, using the same example as before, with a 17×17 inch pillow: these pieces will be cut to the size of 18×11. You get 11 from half of 18 (9), plus 2.

Cut round corners on all four ends of Piece A and on the sides of the 2 rectangle pieces. The trick to get perfectly rounded corners is to turn the fabric upside down, place a round object on the corner (such as a roll of duct tape), trace it, and then cut it out.

Next, you need to finish the edges that do not have rounded corners by sewing a quarter inch seam. So, finish the edges of both rectangular pieces without rounded corners.

Take one rectangular piece and pivot it to prepare it to be sewn; the side should match in length and the “right sides” should face together.

Then, do a zigzag stitch on the three outside sides to hold it in place.

Take the other rectangular piece and do the same thing. Pivot it along the other side to prepare it to be sewn. Then do a zigzag stitch on those three sides making sure to sew on the overlapping sides between the two rectangle pieces. They should overlap approximately 2 inches in the center.

The finished snakeskin pillowcase should now have a zigzag stitch on all four sides with an opening, two inch overlap in the center. The opening allows you to remove the pillow form if you need to clean the case.

Turn the pillowcase right side out and insert the pillow form inside. Smooth out the fabric and you now have a new pillow accent!


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