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Choosing an ottoman style and upholstery fabric with which to cover it offers as many options as choosing a décor style does. Ultimately, the fabric that you choose should lend itself to the function of your ottoman, whether it is stylistic, a storage tool, or a table, as well as tying into your overall theme.

A leather ottoman coffee table is an incredibly functional piece of furniture.

Brown leather ottoman

While you can design one in any style, an ottoman coffee table with four serving trays is the perfect way to get dual usage out of your furniture: when flipped over, it appears to be a traditional ottoman; when turned with the trays facing up, your family is able to eat and drink in front of the television, without having to store bulky tray tables. From there, you can design your leather ottoman coffee table to be smooth on the sides, or to have a convenient spot underneath for storing books and magazines, adding an additional facet of hidden functionality.

Leather Storage Ottoman

Storage ottoman

When you need to maximize the space in your home, a faux leather storage ottoman can be the perfect thing to keep your home organized and tuck away your mess. In the bedroom, storage ottoman are perfect for keeping blankets and linens; whereas, in the living room, they are ideal for keeping odds and ends that you do not want on display for your guests, while providing you with a stylish furniture piece and foot rest.

White patent vinyl cube ottoman.

Modern white patent vinyl


A patent vinyl white ottoman can give your home an uber-modern touch of Space Age sophistication, perfectly complementing the clean lines and minimalism of the décor style. If you have a modern décor with a dichromatic scheme of black and white, an ottoman with a colorful fabric can be the perfect way to incorporate an accent color, whether you want the bright punch of a pop art color palette to accent your Andy Warhol prints, green to give you that 1960’s Miami style, or any other theme of your choosing.

With the many upholstery fabric options available, you can let your imagination run wild designing the perfect ottoman to suit your home. The styles and combinations are limitless and, by designing your own ottoman, you are able to create a unique piece that perfectly integrates your overall design goals into a functional and artistic piece for your home.


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