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In this YouTube video we are presented with a small room and faced with the question of how to properly decorate it without making it seem too over crowded and making sure that the area is utilized properly.  Typically, in small rooms, we tend to try to cram as much small furniture as possible in order to ensure that there is enough storage space, and enough surface space to use.  However, doing so generally makes the room look cluttered rather than chic, and we do not want that.


Here Before & After TV was able to utlize the room in a fitting way that gave it more pizaz while at the same time not being too clutttered.  When picking a leather couch, as suggested in the video, you really do not want to go too big otherwise it will be overwhelming.  Simple, smaller pieces are key to furnishing any small room.  When choosing larger pieces such as couches and lounge chairs going with a leather look is very chic.  Choosing vinyl fabric as opposed to leather is another choice that will give your room that much more umph.  Vinyl upholstery is not only simpler to care for, but is also more versatile and much more in vogue than its animal derived counterpart.  Even if you choose to go with a couch that is of a different upholstery, accessorizing with vinyl covered pillows is another option that will give a little pop to any plane sofa.


Other great elements to a small room are the ottomans, because they allow for a multifunctional uses such as foot rests, storage containers, and even a substitute to that tired old coffee table look that takes up more space than needed.  You can choose great looking ottomans that are upholstered in vinyl in nearly any color.  If you are unable to find the color or style of vinyl upholstered ottomans ready to go, then simply go to your trusted vinyl retailer to grab up some vinyl fabric and simply upholster it yourself.  With a little direction and knowledge of basic sewing skills you can have the look from this video or from any other home decor magazine.  You can even vamp up an old ottoman with a lively layer of high quality vinyl upholstery.  There are many different options out there that can utilize the benefits of vinyl fabrics.


In the video they mentioned that adding a long rug to a room with colors or designs adds a little flair and elongates the small room.   This is a way to not only give the elongation of the room, but to give different depth levels to make the room seem larger and more modern.


There are so many different home decor options to choose from that can be modernized with a leather look made out of animal friendly vinyl fabrics that are far more versatile than leather.  Pillows, curtains, rugs, upholstery, table tops, etc there are so many ways that there is sure to be a vinyl look out there to please you.


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