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PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  PETA is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting animals rights no matter how big or small.  PETA has many campaigns that it runs with celebrity help, and with help from everyday individuals.  These campaigns range from “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” to the “Pleather Yourself” campaign.  Each campaign is designed to bring awareness to the plight of animals in the leather goods industry, and the fact that many celebrities do not support the use of animals in creating their red carpet attires.


Peta anti leather fabric campaign.The “Pleather Yourself” campaign is all about making the conscious decision to purchase only faux leather items of clothing and accessories rather than those made of animal hide such as leather and snakeskin.  The reason they are trying to make this campaign is in order to not only save animals lives, but to keep people from being blind to how these animals are processed just for the sake of a cute pair of shoes.  Pleather involves the use of only man made materials, and is never infused with animal products.


One of the most well known “Pleather Yourself” campaigns is of that run by Porn Mogul Jenna Jameson.  This campaign features postures and photographs of models clad in specifically faux leather clothing to show that leather is not the only option out there to achieve that sexy look.


Jenna Jameson’s work has brought more and more presence to the campaign as many porn stars do indeed wear pleather or latex clothing in videos and photo shoots mostly, because these sorts of fabrics have been generally seen as fetish clothing.  However, Jenna Jameson’s work has brought pleather clothing from the backroom to the front showing all the different ways men and women can utilize pleather in more conventional ways.


Alicia Silverstone fake leather suit.Alicia Silverstone is another PETA activist that has posed for numerous “Pleather Yourself” photos.  Alicia is a known vegetarian, and like Jenna Jameson is attempting to spread further awareness that pleather is not only practical but sexy as hell.  In one campaign photo you see Alicia in a skintight patent pleather bodysuit that is gorgeous.


Olivia Munn is also another PETA supporter, and in her campaign poster to save the elephants from poaching for use in clothing, she decided to go naked.  Many celebrities are joining these kind of naked campaigns, because they want to show that they and you do not need to kill animals in order to get the look that everyone wants.


Now if these celebrities with all their money and power are saying that pleather is not only a practical and inexpensive option for clothing, but it is also something that they would wear, then we should all give great consideration to choose more pleather styles for our wardrobe or home furnishings.   When it comes to your next  purchase take the advice PETA and choose pleather.


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