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Why is vinyl the most widely used fabric in the world? Because it is a versatile material that makes our lives more convenient due to its resistance to damage and its ability to last without the need for replacement as well as ease of maintenance.

For home and office use:
Vinyl fabric is the material that replaces leather and wood furnishings in almost everything in the house. It can be used on sofas and other upholstery items. It does not rot, and is a perfect choice to be used in high humidity places where leather cannot be used. One good example would be the use of vinyl on boats. It’s difficult to use leather in such a situation, as leather will wear out with exposure to water without regular treatment.

Upholstery vinyl fabric

MJTrends upholstery vinyl fabric

Similarly, you can use vinyl in your backyard. It is durable and can take any weather condition, unlike leather. What’s more, vinyl is animal friendly and there is no skinning involved.

Fabric choices can be glossy or matte, according to your taste. You can choose from any of the many colors available in vinyl to suit your requirements. Besides the colors, there are many textures and patterns to suit your style and preference. Maintenance is also minimal – wipe it down with a damp cloth and your done.

Basement design
Vinyl is not just used in homes and offices, but you can perk up your basement with the it’s use. Add a mini bar – something that’s both decorative and functional. Furthermore you can use patent vinyl on bar stools and chairs

Art and Design
PVC is a popular choice for designers and due to its versatility. It provides a modern alternative to leather or other fabric products. It is used in a diverse range of consumer goods from bags, fashion, furniture and art, and plays and important role in everyday life.

Importance of Vinyl
- Vinyl is strong and lightweight. Its toughness is the primary reason why it is widely used in interior design applications. It is lighter and less expensive, as compared to leather.
- Durability. Vinyl is the preferred choice of many customers for lifelong use, especially for outdoor products. Vinyl upholsteries have life of up to 50 years. But in outdoor applications, with high wear and tear scenarios, the life reduces to 20 years. This long life makes it an extremely cheap option. With low maintenance costs, it comes to hardly a few pennies that you are spending. Leather comes expensive, and has high maintenance costs. Plus, vinyl is also loved my eco-friendly people.

Glossy Or Matte
Vinyl fabric is available in different textures. The glossy feel is great for automotive upholstery, sofas, bar stools, and headboards. It also come in matte texture.

Vinyl fabric for bar booths

Vinyl is the most tested fabric. The Internet provides easy access to different market providers of vinyl manufacturers and distributors who are willing to accommodate any inquiries from potential customers. Therefore with its wide range of availability in the market, one should be able to choose according to need and purpose the perfect type of vinyl basing on texture, thickness and price. There is always something in the market to accommodate one’s need.


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