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Gothic styled bedroom.Have you ever had that feeling of being bored from the fabric design of your furniture and upholstery? Looking around you feel that you had enough already at the plainness of your fabric choices. You desire something more, some form of individuality and randomness but still want to maintain a common theme for your home.

Love bats and vampires? Paint your nails black and stay out all night under the full moon? How about a goth theme! Having a goth home decor takes a lot of effort to get right. The most basic thing to consider in choosing such a theme is the person himself/herself.

When considering, take into account what fabrics would be most appropriate for you. If you are looking for durability and beauty in the same time, checkout black patent vinyl. This fabric is shiny and highly glossy. Stretch PVC fabric has the capacity to stretch both vertically and horizontally, while maintaining its glossy appearance. This can be used as drapes, or covers for pillows.

Patent vinyl is more durable and thicker than the PVC but still has that glossy luster. This fabric is best used as covers for armchair since it is waterproof.

You might think that going with a goth home decor means that you have no other choice but the plain black. This is not so. There are still many options. A Goth home décor theme can be subdivided into different classes. There is a Victorian Goth design, Egyptian Goth design, Asian Goth design, Medieval Goth design, Cemetery Goth, Punk Goth, and even a Fairy Goth design.

The Victorian Goth style usually indicates different textures for your home. Colors can be black or ivory; and the fabrics can be velvet, lace, or cotton. This style has an antique atmosphere.

Egyptian Goth style evokes a sense of being in an Egyptian tomb. The basic colors can be of gold, black, or sand-color. The fabrics though would be linen, or even possible, velvet.

Asian Goth style gives a sense of being Oriental or Asian. Glossy black, ivory, and gold are the usual colors. Oriental brocades are usually the fabric of choice for this style.

The Medieval Goth design has a unique atmosphere of its own. This would involve a castle design to your home, complete with the armors and other items. The fabrics would include those with heavier weights such as velvets and fake fur.

A Cemetery Goth design emits a kind of Halloween atmosphere to your home. This could give you a morbid and gloomy look. The presence of bones and skulls usually give justice to this gothic style. The usual fabrics of choice are those that usually give of a shady look such as velvet.

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Punk Goth design gives off a general “whatever-works” atmosphere to your home. This means that this style uses items that are not in use anymore and have been handed down. There is no fixed color scheme although black, red, and white would work well. Fabrics of choice would be leather or fur.

The Fairy Goth radiates a more magical look to your home, complete with a mysterious appeal to your decorations. Usually light fabrics are used as covers and drapes.

To sum up, there are many options if you want to style to your home with a goth theme. It’s a misconception to think that goth designs only provide a morbid atmosphere, as you now know it can be much more than that.


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