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Articles about upholstery fabrics including vinyl, pvc, patent vinyl, snake skins, and reptile prints.

How To Paint Imitation Leather

Faux leather fabric can turn anything in to an expensive looking piece. But to make your leather look original and stand out from the rest, you may want to consider painting it to give it an extra something special. This tutorial will show you how to paint imitation leather to create a stunning pattern. To […]

Light Upholstery Ideas for Artificial Leather

There are many ways to make your home uniquely yours. It starts with choosing paint colors for the walls and carpet colors. Then, there are little details you can add, pictures you can hang, and flowers you can place on the tables. Along with making your home look original, you also want it to look […]

How To: Leather Stool

Leather furniture can turn any space in to something special. With this do-it-yourself leather fabric stool, you can create a unique piece of furniture that is very versatile for small spaces or just something to provide extra seating. To make a stool of your own, you will need: • #6 carpet or upholstery tacks • […]

DIY Snakeskin Pillowcase

Animal prints and faux animal skins are very trendy right now for all kinds of items including clothing, accessories, and home decorating. To add the trend to your home, you could follow this tutorial to make a snakeskin pillowcase. The pillowcase will add an instant sense of uniqueness to your home. To make your own […]

DIY Artificial Leather Ottoman

There are many names for these small furniture pieces: foot stools, ottomans, that-thing-over-there. And for their size, their price tag can leave you with raised eyebrows, which is why it is practical and money-saving to make one of your own through this tutorial. The best part of making your own furniture from artificial leather fabric […]

How To Make Vinyl Pleats – Video

Pleats are seen on everything from furniture to car seats to skirts. It’s a simple, symmetrical design. All one needs is a sewing machine, foam, white chalk or pencil, measuring tape, (optional) adhesive, and whatever fabric wanted. In this article, we will use vinyl as our test subject. The thickness of the foam and the fabric […]

How To Reupholster Muscle Car Interior

Bringing anything back to life is a difficult feat. But when one has the proper tools and materials, especially if they’re not tearing holes through wallet pockets, the challenge can turn into a fun and rewarding activity. This article focuses on the reupholstering of vinyl in a muscle car’s interior. After physically removing the seats, take […]

How to Make A Faux Leather Headboard

Headboards are surprisingly easy to make at home. The base, or foundation, can be old or unused shutters, a small ladder, plywood, etc. It fully depends on what the builder wants. After all the measurements are planned (how much fabric will be needed), batting is usually set between the base and the cover; fabric, and […]

Motorcycle seat fabric

When you are adding a touch of personality to your motorcycle seat, reupholstering your motorcycle seat can give your bike the perfect facelift that you are looking for, without breaking the bank. It is important that you find a heavy duty fabric meant for exposure to the elements and prolonged use, such as patent vinyl, […]

Choosing an Upholstery Fabric and Ottoman Style

Choosing an ottoman style and upholstery fabric with which to cover it offers as many options as choosing a décor style does. Ultimately, the fabric that you choose should lend itself to the function of your ottoman, whether it is stylistic, a storage tool, or a table, as well as tying into your overall theme. […]